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Hip Arthroscopy Specialist
in Los Angeles, CA

The hip is the largest and one of the most important joints of the body. When damage to the labrum affects the hip, progression may begin slowly, but the condition often becomes incapacitating over time.

Dr. Jason Snibbe is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon serving Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, specializing in reconstructive shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip surgery.

While Dr. Snibbe tends to start with more conservative treatments, he is known for his skill in performing hip arthroscopy and other arthroscopic surgeries. And, when conservative approaches have failed, he believes hip arthroscopy is a better solution.

Hip Arthroscopy

Medical illustration hip and pelvic bone

What Is Hip Arthroscopy?

As a versatile orthopedic technique, arthroscopy is an integral diagnostic and curative tool. Hip arthroscopy is commonly used to treat pain and labral pathology in the affected area.

By inserting an arthroscope (a narrow tube equipped with a fiber-optic video camera) through a tiny incision, Dr. Snibbe can see inside the joint and accurately diagnose the issue.

Hip arthroscopy surgery is minimally invasive and usually performed on an outpatient basis. Similar to endoscopic surgery, this surgical method uses the power of clear video imaging, magnification, and specially designed surgical tools to reduce the risk of injury to nearby tissue and bone.

Are You a Candidate for Hip Arthroscopy?

While young adults can experience symptoms of osteoarthritis, most patients with degenerative hip disease are 60 or older, and it is a prevalent cause of disability in patients over 65.

Hip arthroscopy is a surgery to address labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).
FAI is bone formation on the socket or the neck of the femur. The bones impinge and cause labral tears and cartilage damage of the socket. Untreated, FAI can progress to osteoarthritis over a long period of time.

If you have a painful, hip-related condition that has not responded well to conservative treatments like rest, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory (steroid) injections, Dr. Snibbe can evaluate you for hip arthroscopy.

Hip arthroscopy is not a treatment for significant osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is treated with a total hip replacement. Hip arthroscopy can help many patients avoid major surgery that often requires several days in the hospital and an extensive recovery period.

Hip Conditions That May Benefit From Arthroscopy

Dr. Snibbe may recommend hip arthroscopy as a less-invasive option to treat the following conditions:

Femoroacetabular Impingement

An impingement can occur when the femoral head rubs against the part of your hip socket called the acetabulum, leading to groin pain, limiting the joint’s range of motion, and producing a popping sensation.

Labral (Labrum) Tears

Cartilage surrounding the hip socket can become inflamed and tear. Labral tears limit physical activity and cause pain. Dr. Snibbe can use arthroscopy to reduce pain by removing the inflamed labral tissue or repairing the tear.


Synovitis is inflammation in the lining of a joint (the synovial membrane). Swelling and tenderness of the hip, especially when touched, may indicate synovitis.


Fluid-filled sacs called bursae help lubricate and cushion the joints, and when they become swollen and inflamed, the condition is referred to as bursitis. Pain from hip bursitis tends to be most noticeable inside the hip or on the outer thigh and is aggravated by walking or even the slightest movement.

Hip Dysplasia

Dysplasia of the hip is a condition in which the hip joint is shallow, causing the femoral head to move. The joint can slip out of place if the supporting tissue becomes overly stressed, causing labral tears.

Dancer’s Hip (Snapping Hip Syndrome)

Also called iliopsoas tendinitis, a dancer’s hip will snap or pop when flexed. It is often referred to as “dancer’s hip” because it is more common among dancers, strength-training athletes, tennis players, and others who perform repetitive and demanding movements.

Hip arthroscopy also effectively removes loose pieces of cartilage and bone around the hip joint or aggressively treats a dangerous hip infection.

Call (310) 860-3048 today and schedule a consultation at Snibbe Orthopedics in Los Angeles to learn if hip arthroscopy can help you!

Hip Arthroscopy Candidates Can Expect the Following Benefits

Some of the advantages hip arthroscopy offers include:

  • Minimal tissue damage: Since instruments used for hip arthroscopy are thin and small, they require much smaller incisions to access the joint.
  • Much shorter downtime: Because hip arthroscopy is less invasive than other orthopedic surgeries, there is less bruising, swelling, and pain to recover from, making healing easier and quicker.
  • Less scarring: Smaller incisions mean smaller scars.

How Is Hip Arthroscopy Performed?

Hip arthroscopy can be performed under regional or general anesthesia on an outpatient basis and lasts between 40 minutes and two hours.

One incision is made in the skin to insert the arthroscope, and one or two more are created for Dr. Snibbe to operate the instruments and treat the problem(s) while the view of the surgical area is displayed on the monitor.

When finished, the incisions are closed with sutures or skin tape, and a sterile, absorbent dressing is applied to prevent bleeding and protect the site from infection.

What to Expect During Recovery From Hip Arthroscopy

You may need to wear a brace to support your hip and use crutches for about three weeks following surgery.

Expect your recovery to last up to six weeks, or longer, if Dr. Snibbe makes extensive repairs to damaged tissue. You’ll need to limit physical activities and may benefit from physical therapy.

You should be able to bear weight on your leg after seven days and your hips within a few weeks.

Some tips to help speed up recovery include:

  • Elevate and ice the area.
  • Keep pressure off your hip (even when sleeping).
  • Use NSAIDs to manage pain.
  • Keep the incision site clean and protected.
  • Take showers rather than baths, and don’t submerge the incision until it heals.

What Results Can I Expect After Hip Arthroscopy?

Hip arthroscopy can treat various conditions and is designed to alleviate pain and restore mobility to the joint. Once fully recovered, you should be able to move freely without discomfort.

How Much Does Hip Arthroscopy Cost?

The cost of hip arthroscopy varies considerably depending on the condition being treated and the amount of degeneration that exists. The best way to get an accurate quote is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Snibbe.

Our Well-Known Los Angeles Hip Arthroscopy Specialist

Dr. Snibbe has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, and more. Many professional athletes and celebrities seek his help to regain full range of motion in their joints and relieve pain. Dr. Snibbe specializes in hip arthroscopy and is known for having the lowest complication rate of any surgeon performing at the renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Snibbe Orthopedics in Los Angeles, California, is currently accepting new patients and welcomes men and women from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or across the country.

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