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Whatever the case

Jason Snibbe’s story: physician and entrepreneur

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Jason Snibbe, joins the ‘Whatever the Case’ podcast to talk about his story as a physician and entrepreneur, how he keeps an elevated patient experience at the center of everything he does, and why maintaining his independence as a physician motivates and excites him for the future.

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The Ortho Show

Education – “The Robots are Coming”

Are robots a part of your orthopaedic practice? They certainly are for today’s guest, Dr Jason Snibbe. Take a listen as he describes the impact this is having in his patient outcomes and his feelings on what’s next in the robotics evolution. Hope you enjoy Episode #19 of The Ortho Show

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New York Liberty

Liberty rookie guard Durr undergoes hip surgery

NEW YORK — New York Liberty guard Asia Durr underwent hip surgery Wednesday, the team announced.

Durr, a rookie selected second overall by New York in this year’s draft, missed 16 games with a groin injury. She started in 15 of her 18 games played, averaging 9.7 points, 1.7 assists and 1.6 rebounds.

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CNN Newsroom

“…We talked to a nearby orthopedic surgeon [Dr. Jason Snibbe] who is an expert in sports surgery. He’s worked with the Clippers. He’s also worked with the Dodgers. He is the USC team physician. And Dr. Snibbe was telling us one of the areas of concern for Tiger is these so-called open fractures…”

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Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill shocked and devastated by hip injury

The Lakers announced Friday that Jordan Hill will miss the remainder of the season with a hip injury.

Hill was somber when meeting with the media after the Lakers fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder, 116-101.

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Tiger Woods

Golf Science – What’s Next for Tiger?

If a person were to have charged a dollar for every time someone has, over the past several years, said, “This is the end of the road for Tiger Woods,” that person quickly would have become quite rich. The chatter has only increased all across social media after Tiger’s latest, unfortunate car accident in Los Angeles.

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Kris Jenner HULU

Dr. Jason Snibbe advises Kris Jenner on the likelyhood of surgical intervention.

Kris Jenner underwent hip-replacement surgery on the latest episode of “The Kardashians” while partially on camera, and asked staff at the hospital to make sure that there weren’t any parts of her body getting caught on camera that she didn’t want to bare.

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KJ Crying

IN A KRIS-IS Kris Jenner breaks down in tears and demands Hulu show cameras leave the room before she curses & screams in new video

After Kris, 66, underwent grueling hip replacement surgery two weeks ago, it was time for her to get her stitches taken out.

The momager stayed at her Calabasas mansion for the procedure, and had her boyfriend Corey Gamble, 41, by her side as orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jason Snibbe paid a home visit.

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Kim K in a chair

‘We had sex in front of the fireplace’: Kim Kardashian spills details of her naughty weekend with Pete Davidson to her GRANDMA after getting bedroom tips from the octogenarian

Kim Kardashian revealed she used a sex tip passed down from her grandmother Mary Jo ‘MJ’ Campbell with then-boyfriend Pete Davidson in the fourth episode of The Kardashians Season 2.

Kim was meeting up with mom Kris Jenner when she saw her grandma MJ was visiting, and shared some details of their weekend together.

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Kris jenner youtube

Kris Jenner Crumbles To Tears, Orders Hulu Cameras To Leave

The latest episode of The Kardashians was hard for fans of Kris Jenner to watch as the matriarch of the reality TV family crumbled to tears and lashed out in pain while having her stitches removed. Things became so painful and emotional for Kris Jenner that the matriarch of the family ordered Hulu’s cameras to get out of the room.

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KJ Profile

Doctor reacts: Kris Jenner’s hip replacement surgery… did the mommager have the best?

Did you catch any of the recent episodes of the Kardashians on Hulu?

Bless her heart, Mrs. Kris Jenner had hip replacement surgery after a strong recommendation from Martha Stewart. While Mrs. Jenner is famous for being the mommager—a genius of social media and marketing—how well did she pick the surgeon when her own health was on the line?

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Snibbs Orbit

These Work Shoe Sneakers Make My Feet Feel Like They Are Being Hugged

As a fitness video producer, I thought I had every pair of sneakers I needed: from running to cross-training, hiking to high tops, my closet boasts more shoes than one person should ever have. But then, I tried Snibbs Orbit ($139) — sneakers that look like running shoes but are designed for people on their feet all day. After a long day wearing and walking in them, my feet feel ready for more.

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Orbit Sneakers

34 Products That Are Pretty Much Dream-Worthy

13. A pair of Orbit sneakers from Snibbs that’ll save you this summer if you suffer from sore, sweaty feet. These ultra-cushioned sneakers are also extra breathable. So go ahead, travel to your heart’s content all summer long and know that these shoes are gonna keep you comfortable every cobblestoned step of the way!

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Dr. Snibbe Patient Celebrity

Talk about reaching new heights! Congratulations @bkcbailey for conquering 4,000 m post-surgery! You_ve shown us all that nothing can hold us back when we set our minds to it. Keep rocking that knee replacement and e-10

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