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Arthroscopic Labral Repair

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique used in the treatment of sports medicine injuries. It involves the use of a fiber-optic camera, which we place into a joint through a small incision in order to visualize ligaments, cartilage, and soft tissue. Through another small incision, we can then use small instruments to remove or repair broken or damaged tissue.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Medical Illustration Shoulder

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy with a labral repair is the term used to describe surgery done for patients with a torn labrum or SLAP tear. The labrum is cartilage that lines the rim of the glenoid (the socket of the shoulder joint). It acts to stabilize the ball (humeral head) of the shoulder within the joint. A common injury among throwing athletes, a torn labrum can be a source of significant pain and discomfort for patients. Patients often describe a clicking or popping sensation in the shoulder as well as a feeling of instability with a throwing motion. History of prior dislocation is also common in those with labrum injuries.

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