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Patient Testimonials

Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles

Kim K in a chair

I know my mom is in the best hands with Dr. Snibbe

– Kim Kardashian

Dr. Phil

Dr. Snibbe is an absolute artist! I mean the best of the best. I was back on the tennis court three weeks after my knee replacement.

– Dr. Phil

Dark haired man with a black hat, glasses and a goatee, wearing a black shirt with a black leather jacket

“I’m about three months post right knee, quad repair from a bad falling accident.
I was extremely desperate to find the best possible surgeon. I asked all my most knowledgeable friends and the same name kept coming up, Dr. Snibbe!!! My friend Ryan reached out to him and within 2 hours I got a phone call from Dr. Snibbe’s office.

When I met him in person two days later, I was overwhelmed by his warmhearted knowledgeable & caring personality. Also, I was extremely impressed by his super professional & amazing medical team.

I have been in the hands of some of the best doctors in the world because I am the Bass player of the rock band Scorpions for over 14 years, traveling the world.

But in my experience, Dr. Snibbe stands out by far as the best, most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring surgeons in the world, that I have met.

Not one single time after the surgery I had to suffer from any pain, and the timeline that he explained to me about the recovery up to this day is spot on.

I highly recommend Dr. Snibbe as a surgeon.
He and his team deserve six out of five stars!!”

-Ralph Rieckermann

Tattoo of Dr. Snibbe

“Wow! What a way to be honored. I am so humbled. Thank you to all my patients for fueling me everyday to do what I love” – Dr. Snibbe

This patient who is a UFC fighter was in a car accident and needed three different surgeries. He is better than ever and wanted to thank Dr. Snibbe for his recovery. What a way to be thanked! This patient had a hip arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy and ankle surgery all performed by Dr. Snibbe!

2.5 months post total hip replacement and it has been the best medical decision I have ever made, It was exactly 1 year ago when my hip pain became unbearable. So thankful for the opportunity to get a new hip and heal so fast from the best – Dr. Snibbe

– Krissy

One year ago to this day, Dr. Snibbe replaced my left knee. I must tell you it has been a life changer. I am back to doing things I want to do and doing it without pain whatsoever. I just want to thank Dr. Snibbe for letting me enjoy my life again!

– Jim Sherman

Dr. Snibbe is my hip savior! I’m a double hippie now, and I get to enjoy working out again. I’ve consulted with several surgeons over the years. I trust Dr. Snibbe with my life. His team, technique, outcomes, bedside manner are all phenomenal. The only regret is not getting them done sooner. Don’t Suffer!

– Sarah Paris

I can attest to having 2 hips done by you that are amazingly healthy, pain free, and completely mobile. Nothing I can’t do today because of you!

– Mike Ladge


Dr. Jason Snibbe

You did the best job on my right hip over 11 years ago! Its great! and you are the very best surgeon! I’m forever grateful to you Dr. Snibbe, thank you!!

– Lesley Carr

Dr. Snibbe did total knee replacemnts on both my knees. One in 2020 and the other in 2021. I cannot tell you how great I feel. I can hike, golf, whatever.. the key.. no more pain as I was bone on bone in both knees. His style of surgery allowed for quicker healing and strength building. Highly recommend utilizing him!

– Wayne Edwards

Best decision I have made. Having both my hips replaced has dirastically changed my life for the better. Forever greatful @drjasonsnibbe

– Virgil Ortiz


The BMAC you performed on my hip was a game-changer! Thank you for helping me to dance again. You gave me my joy back!!

– Elizabeth Polito

Happy hipversary to my titanium hip which has allowed me to continue doing what I love. Hiking, traveling, teaching self defense and moving around without pain. Thank you Dr. Snibbe for this gift of getting back to the activities I love in life.

– Jenn Cassetta

Love all 3 of my replacements, both knees and 1 hip. I’ve been playing tennis for 8 years now on my knee and hip replacement and no issues whatsoever. It’s amazing technology performed by an amazing surgeon. I have recommended Dr. Snibbe to so many people.. hes the best!!

– Lisa Roberts

Big thanks to Dr. Snibbe. YOU and your team are true artists!! Amazing experience all the way!

– Ralph Rieckermann

Thanks to Dr. Snibbe I can spin with no pain 3-4x a week better than ever! Post left hip replacement!!

– Marianne Enzman

My new hip and I are going to love each other thanks to Dr. Snibbe! He is the HIP GURU!!

– Jennifer Greenhut

Best orthopedic surgeon for athletes or anyone I have ever run across! I never thought my shoulder would be 100% after my injury and competing. I’m stronger than ever and back surfing 🏄🏼‍♂️

– Cameron Dietrich

I agree that all of us whose lives youve saved by fixing us when we have been broken – youre a great healer and wonderful Dr!

– Lesley Carr

My surgeon. My knee. and saving your life. Two surgeries. Best 💙

– Irena Medavoy

The only surgeon that I would let cut me up.

– Mario Godoy

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